Recent Projects

Jairus has purchased our Platinum Package for and we managed to get his Google PageSpeed scores up to 99/100 for both Mobile and Desktop. His Loading speed has come down to 1.5 seconds which is an improvement of over 4 times the original loading Speed

After following our suggestions and replacing the slider on his main page we we able to surpass all possible expectations and provide him with maximal optimization that our Platinum Package offers.

Amy runs a website dedicated to healthy eating and amazing recipes. In two days with our Platinum Package we managed to get her 85+ scores on Google PageSpeed and a loading time of only 1.5 seconds without altering any of the ads running on her website. Now we hope that she can enjoy more traffic that will come with a fully optimized website.

Amy has also become our first Affiliate ever and now we task ourself to help all her friends get amazing scores and loading time for their stunning websites.

With our Gold Package we managed to help Laurens drastically improve his website's performance. We have cut down the loading time by 304% down from 7.8 seconds to only 2.7 seconds. We optimized the code, resources and images to get the number of http requests and the page size down without damaging the quality of the images.

Our development team has also helped create a color sample ordering page and integrate it with woocommerce and mailchimp as a business solution. We never stop surprising our clients with top quality work.

With our Gold package we helped an amazing, hustling entrepreneur James get the loading speed for his website down to 3.45 seconds by concentrating on his website's caching problems. We spent 2 days to combine resources, optimize their delivery, minify them and moved him to a superior hosting environment which boosted his website's performance by 276%.

Apart from hosting server configurations we have also fixed all of the issues which arised from the new resource loading setup resulting in a functioning site with great speed.

With our Silver Package we helped Mrs. Davis improve her conversion rates from Google advertising and her overall SEO score by delivering optimization that got her the loading speed of 2.8 seconds. Her main goal was to rank higher with Google and get more visitors coming from online advertising to stay longer on the website and get the solicitation services.

As a part of website optimization we moved the website to a Digital Ocean VPS server that allowed the website to load 23% faster and be twice more secure.

With our Platinum Package we helped Damon solve all of his caching issues, optimized his web resources, server configurations and got a wooping score of 97/100 on its Google PageSpeed rank. Furthermore we haven't stopped until the loading time for his website came down to 1.5 seconds.

Following the optimization we also helped Damon fix his mobile responsiveness issues and render blocking JavaScript issues to ensure that his website loads smoothly and provides for a superb User Experience.