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How to Achieve 100/100 with the Google PageSpeed!

How to Achieve 100/100 with the Google PageSpeed!

Why does PageSpeed matter?

Website loading speed is a priority for the overall user experience, and it’s also one of the hundreds of SEO ranking factors. Truth is, nowadays people don’t have the patience to wait more than five seconds for a page to load. According to Google’s PageSpeed, if your website isn’t loading fast enough, you’ll lose potential customers.

The majority of optimization services revolve around caching plugins and compression of images and resources. We however dig deeper.

We have found an effective way to improve PageSpeed and remove Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above the fold content which stops most users from breaking past the 75 score point for Mobile Speed. Doing this effectively keeps the resources needed to load te top of the front page locally, which reduces loading time, and keeps the rest of the resources below the fold to load later on.

Your PageSpeed optimization arsenal!

So here are a few tips to make you score higher:

  • Get a CloudFlare account for your domain. Free plan will do the job. You will need to change the nameservers in your registar’s DNS settings to the ones CloudFlare gives you.
  • Study your caching plugins and make sure that you have properly configured them for your site. If you are running a WordPress site, W3 Total Cache will be a perfect free solution. Extra tip: keep your CDN caching disabled in the W3 settings.
  • Keep the number of plugins to the effective functional minimum. Oftentimes I get clients who have installed almost every plugin they could find creating a “Frankenstein” out of their WordPress site. Each plugin takes time to load thus increasing an overall loading speed of the website.
  • Minify your JS, CSS and HTML in the CloudFlare panel and ensure that the Rocket Loader mode is ON. Test a few times to make sure the functionality of the site does not break.