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Why choose WordPress over Shopify and Magento

Why choose WordPress over Shopify and Magento

So you have decided to open an online store?

Great! Now, which platform do you want to use to build and maintain your site?

If you are not a developer or want to minimize the necessity for an external developer you might decide to go with these 2 options:

  • WordPress – WooCommerce
  • Shopify

These platforms are very friendly for an average internet user without an in-depth development knowledge.

Now if you have an experienced Magento developer you might want to go with something as heavy as:

  • Magento

Magento is much heavier and complex platform which requires a lot of technical expertise to make it work. You will also have a very hard time trying to optimize Magento built sites due to the heaviness of the overall platform. Most of the themes available for Magento store have a lot of Front-End which increases the loading time for your site and sometime causes your clients to switch to a faster site. This is not an issue if you are hosting with Amazon, which is also a very complicated hosting environment to build, scale and maintain.

Optimizing WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify:

Now going back to the friendly solutions. Shopify hosts most of the resources on their own servers which load the Front-End files through their own CDN. This in itself stops many professionals in the area of speed optimisation as they can not perform any server configurations to make yoru site load faster. The only options you are left with is installing CloudFlare, and removing render-blocking JS and CSS in above the fold content.

Using WordPress WooCommerce on the other hand allows you chose and configure your own hosting environment, install helpful caching plugins like W3 Total Cache and get your Google score to 100 in the matter of hours. You can configure caching plugins and migrate to CloudFlare without the help of experts if you have some basic knowledge of plugin configuration and DNS management. With any further requirements you can always go to your personal expert at SpeedUPgency!